What are the Common Types of cannabis seed banks

What are the Common Types of cannabis seed banks

#1 Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are found to have a 99.9% of possibility of generating a female plant. This type of seed are popular among breeders who intend to have flowers rather than pollen sacs. Unlike other types of weed seeds, feminized seeds eliminates the 50:50 possibility of generating a female plant. Hence, the overall growing process for this type of cannabis seeds are considerably cost-effective.

Technically, feminized seeds are made by crossing one female plant with another. Breeders essentially force two female plants together in order to produce a pollen, and use these female pollen to fertilize other female flowers that will generate feminized seeds.

#2 Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds give breeders the capability to flower without the need to change the light cycle. This type of seed are generally easy to grow, maintain its size and flowers quickly. Furthermore, autoflowering seeds are found to have a hardy genetics, which is why these type of seeds are recommended for starters.

Breeders have created this type of seed with the help of various subspecies that constitute in its autoflowering ability. Moreover, these seeds are developed based on age and time, rather than light exposure changes. Autoflowering seeds are popular among cannabis seed banks primarily because of its ability to flower automatically.

#3 Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are found to have a 50% possibility of emerging as a male or female plant. This type of seed is considered to be popular among breeders because of its high possibility to produce males, that are used to fertilize female flowers in order to generate more seeds.

In regular seeds, no tweaking or tampering are involved here since regular genetics are a complete result of nature. There are various kinds of regular seeds such as sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, high-CBD, and high-THC. So, if you prefer to have a mix of both plant genders in the creation of your own strains, then you should consider looking for regular cannabis seeds from various cannabis seed banks.