How To Tell Male vs Female Weed Plants?

How To Tell Male vs Female Weed Plants?

How to tell male vs female weed plants is an initial key issue of growers. The Weed plant is a three-gender plant: male, female and hermaphrodite. When growers start their crops with relugar seeds or with branches extracted without explicit gender, growers need to determine their gender right away for proper care. In such cases, the fastest and most accurate way to determine gender is to shorten the lighting time to 12h / 12h. Or some people will wait for mature weed plants to flower. It is very easy to distinguish the sex of weed plants based on the flower morphology. The male plant has small balls filled with pollen. These pollen bags after development will burst and pollen will fly around the space. The female weed plants will have white pistils emerging from the sepals. They are white in color and later grow as white hairs. These pistils are never green. Pollen naturally in the wind and thanks to insects that come to the flowers of female plants. Flowers of female plants after pollination from male plants will pollinate and produce seeds. By the end of the season, growers will harvest cannabis seeds and very small flowers as the female plants focus their energy on pollination without growing flowers. So you will not be able to harvest many flowers unless you remove the male and hermaphrodite plants. The highest THC component in cannabis is found in the flowers of female plants. Unless you want to breed a particular cannabis strain, you don't need to quickly determine its gender. But if you want to produce the highest yield, you should determine its gender. Typically, an experienced grower will distinguish between males and females when they begin to mature, around the fifth or sixth foliage. If not, growers can also distinguish the gender of weed plants by squeezing the flowering of the extracted branches. This is a technique commonly used to determine the gender of a female weed plant. Experienced growers will extract branches when the plants mature and leave them in the light with a lighting time of 12 hours a day (for plants to sleep 12 hours). Small branches when pressed light will flourish and bloom. Thanks to the flowers of the small branches growers will know the true gender of weed plants. And now, it is time for you to tell apart male vs female weed plants depends their orphology.
Everything You Need To Know About California Seed Banks Online

Everything You Need To Know About California Seed Banks Online

In 1996, California passed a law that made medical marijuana legal. Since that date, California seed banks online have been growing in many ways. Expect to see the seed banks grow in size and scale over the years. In late 2016, the recreational usage of marijuana was also legalized for the state. The consumer has a lot of choices available to them these days. But they should brush up on the laws and what they can do as well. Get permission from a doctor to obtain the medical marijuana or the seeds. That is done with a card signifying that the patient has a medical need for the seeds. First, it helps to find the right bank that offers the seeds. Several major seed banks have made a name for themselves. The seed banks advertise and can connect with the customer in several ways. Check out the reviews for the seed banks that have been posted so far. That should bring people up to speed about the options that are extended to them. The reviews are submitted by true fans of the medical marijuana seeds. The seed banks work hard to supply options to the right group of people. New buyers should write reviews and offer up some feedback of their own for that purpose. The cost of the seeds being bought is a major consideration. The seed banks are selling the product quite quickly to people. These seeds can be bought in bulk, which can cut down on the price tag over time. The price is set and sales events can further reduce the cost burden. Patients might have a limited budget to work with over time. The shipping and handling fees are assessed to the order total. But those shipping fees just get a package sent much sooner. Sponsor:
What are the Common Types of cannabis seed banks

What are the Common Types of cannabis seed banks

#1 Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are found to have a 99.9% of possibility of generating a female plant. This type of seed are popular among breeders who intend to have flowers rather than pollen sacs. Unlike other types of weed seeds, feminized seeds eliminates the 50:50 possibility of generating a female plant. Hence, the overall growing process for this type of cannabis seeds are considerably cost-effective. Technically, feminized seeds are made by crossing one female plant with another. Breeders essentially force two female plants together in order to produce a pollen, and use these female pollen to fertilize other female flowers that will generate feminized seeds.

#2 Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds give breeders the capability to flower without the need to change the light cycle. This type of seed are generally easy to grow, maintain its size and flowers quickly. Furthermore, autoflowering seeds are found to have a hardy genetics, which is why these type of seeds are recommended for starters. Breeders have created this type of seed with the help of various subspecies that constitute in its autoflowering ability. Moreover, these seeds are developed based on age and time, rather than light exposure changes. Autoflowering seeds are popular among cannabis seed banks primarily because of its ability to flower automatically.

#3 Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are found to have a 50% possibility of emerging as a male or female plant. This type of seed is considered to be popular among breeders because of its high possibility to produce males, that are used to fertilize female flowers in order to generate more seeds. In regular seeds, no tweaking or tampering are involved here since regular genetics are a complete result of nature. There are various kinds of regular seeds such as sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, high-CBD, and high-THC. So, if you prefer to have a mix of both plant genders in the creation of your own strains, then you should consider looking for regular cannabis seeds from various cannabis seed banks.
Comparing Product Prices and Shipping of Seed Banks

Comparing Product Prices and Shipping of Seed Banks

#1 Crop King Seeds

Established in 2005, Crop King Seed has significantly evolved from a single employee company that ships from one apartment to a full scale cannabis seed bank, that caters over 300 stores in Canada. Currently, the company has been consistently growing with about 40 cannabis strains accessible in their product line up. Moreover, the company plans to further improve their line up by adding more cannabis strains in the coming days.

#1 Product Prices

5 Seeds Pack - $75.00 10 Seeds Pack - $130.00 25 Seeds Pack - $250.00

#2 Shipping Process

Crop Seed King charges $10 for the regular shipping across Canada. All countries aside from New Zealand and Australia are charged $30.00 for shipping. As for their express shipping, they charge $30.00 to $60.00. Usually, the shipping would take 1-3 weeks after the customers place their orders.

#2 Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)

Established since 2013, Quebec Cannabis Seeds or also known as QCS provides cannabis strains that can survive harsh climates. They supply quality cannabis seeds in Canada and across the globe, in various types such as feminized, auto-flowering, CBD, and regular marijuana seeds. Quebec Cannabis Seeds provides solution to all your cannabis seed needs--may it be for commercial or private use.

#1 Product Prices:

Blueberry Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $48.00 Skunk No. 1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $48.00 Quebec LSD Feminized Cannabis Seeds (5 seeds per pack) - $55.00 AK 47 Fast Version Feminized Cannabis Seeds (5 seeds per pack) - $59.00 Summer Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack (8 seeds per pack) - $75.00

#2 Shipping Process:

Quebec Cannabis Seeds charge their customers with a $10 shipping fee for all regular shipping orders. Additional fees may occur for special shipping options. Depending on your city, the shipping time would usually take 5-7 days if within Canada. International shipping may take 2-3 weeks.

#3 Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been in the cannabis industry for over five years by now. The company is dedicated to cater all the customers cannabis needs through their high-quality and best cannabis seed strain offerings. They carefully select their strains and make sure that they are staying consistent with CBD and THC levels of cannabis seed for the customers private or commercial use.

#1 Product Prices

Sweet Tooth Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $48.00 Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $50.00 Skunk No. 1 Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $52.00 Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Feminized Seeds (5 seeds per pack) - $52.00 Cheese Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $55.00 Quebec Gold 2.0 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) - $60.00

#2 Shipping Process

Montreal Cannabis Seeds charge a $10.00 shipping fee for their customers, and the shipping time would usually take 2-7 business days in Canada. For remote areas, the shipping time may take up to 7 days.

#4 True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is a cannabis seed supplier with a vast collection of the world's finest medical cannabis seeds readily available for sale. The company assures that their seeds are 100% strong and feminized that are easy to use just like the old-school cannabis.

#1 Product Prices

Acapulco Gold feminized Seeds (3 seeds per pack) - $33.46 Auto AK74 Feminized Seeds (4 seeds per pack) - $34.98 Auto Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds (5 seeds per pack) - $52.05 Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds (6 seeds per pack) - $105.19

#2 Shipping Process:

True North Seed Bank offers a flat shipping price and a free shipping fee for orders that exceed $420 in Canada and United States. The order is expected to arrive within 5-14 business days. For international shipping, they charge $70 and would usually take 25 business days.
What is the Best Fertilizer for Hydroponics?

What is the Best Fertilizer for Hydroponics?


Farming is all a fun idea until you find out that there are things you don't know that surrounds this niche. However, with technology today, everything is simplified, and solutions are readily available. Hydroponic fertilizer contains nutrients of that soil can provide to the hydroponic plants. However, when it comes to the best fertilizer for hydroponics, the farmer's desires and specific needs are most considered. However, in this article, I will list the best fertilizers for hydroponics, and at the end of the article, I will give a guide on how to choose the hydroponic fertilizer.

List Of Best And High Rated Fertilizer And Nutrients For Hydroponics

#1 General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer

This fertilizer contains the best source of hydroponic nutrients. They include three hydroponic formulas that is the floramicro, floragrow and florabloom. Each of the plants contains different nutrient need; therefore, general hydroponics have various nutrients which sustains and facilitates the plant growth in its growing cycle. For example, the floramicro contains nutrients which are essential for the foundation and first stage of the plant since they come with minerals, nitrogen and calcium. Then as the plant achieves the vegetable level, floragrow avails enough potassium and nitrogen nutrients that facilitate better plant growth. Eventually, florabloom boost your plant with magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorous nutrients which are vital for the flower and fruit development stages.

#2 Masterblend 4-18-38 Complete Combo Kit Fertilizer

Masterblend hydroponic fertilizer comes with loads of substantial nutrients best option for your hydroponics. This fertilizer contains three diverse components which come with necessary nutrients for your plant such as copper, phosphate, iron, magnesium and nitrogen. They give you a bag which contains additional nitrogen and calcium needed. And an extra additional bag of Epsom salt comprising of sulfur, magnesium and sulfate crucial for the stage of flower and fruit development. Generally, they have instructions laid down for you in each bag they give you, therefore, enabling you to balance components equally.

#3 Aerogarden Liquid Nutrients

Aerogarden is a series by Miracle-Gro of home hydroponic systems which comes liquid form. However, in the bottle of aerogarden, each nutrient that your hydroponic plant need is present. Therefore this is an easy choice for starters because it's easy to use. The fertilizer is manufactured in a way that it will get effective for your plant throughout the growing cycle. Aerogarden can also get used on plants which are growing in the soil.

Tips On Buying Hydroponic Nutrients

#1 Number of components

Identify your goal for buying the hydroponic nutrients, therefore, choose the best if you want a multi-part system or a one-part system formula. Therefore consider your needs and knowledge of your specific plants.

#2 Solid or liquid

Go for the form that you consider is favorable for you. Generally while mixing components liquid fertilizers are easier and sometimes cheaper. On the other hand, the solid fertilizers can easily get purchased in bulk, easier to ship and easier to store.

#3 Take time and learn about the nutrients and needs of your plants.

Everything including component and nutrient available in the hydroponic fertilizer you want to purchase is essential for the growth of your hydroponics; therefore, be keen and do your homework.


The article above entails best hydroponic fertilizers which contain the best nutrients for the growth of your hydroponics. Growing with general hydroponic fertilizers enhances great yields and throughout the stages of the plant there will be no encounters of diseases because the nutrients of the general hydroponic fertilizer gives your plants stability and strength. Source:
What Are the Common Types of Hydroponic System?

What Are the Common Types of Hydroponic System?

There are many different types of hydro cloning system on the market. The choice depends on how much time and money you spend on caring for your garden, what hydroponic systems for sale you buy and what you can grow. The two main types of systems are passive and active. Passive systems direct nutrients through the growth medium, while active systems use a pump to supply nutrients. Active systems are more expensive and require more maintenance than passive hydroponic systems, but they also lead to better growth. Here are some common type of hydroponic system

#1 Wick hydroponics

Wick hydroponic system that works without moving parts. It is a passive system without recovery. A simple wick is used to transfer nutrients from the storage area to the pot where the plants are located. Everything happens automatically, so this is not a time-consuming method. The wick is used to transfer nutrients from the aquarium to a bowl of plants. This method is extremely simple and automatic and therefore requires little attention from you.

#2 Continuous drip systems

A continuous drip system is an active method that can be either a recovery system or not a recovery system. Under your plants is a tray for collecting nutrient solution. The solution flows from the plate to the tank when a recovery system is installed. The gardener can adjust the nozzle for each plant to make sure it receives enough nutrients. When setting up a system of flow from tank to tank, it is easy to set up a system for recovery. Just set up a dropper so your plants get the right amount of nutrients.

#3 Ebbs and flows

Flow and flow systems have become a very popular hydroponic method. This is an active recovery system. This method is often referred to as flooding and drainage system. Plants are grown in a reservoir that contains a nutrient solution. A pump is used to deliver nutrients to plants. When the solution reaches a predetermined level, it coalesces so that oxygen can be absorbed by the roots. This method grows plants in a tank filled with a nutrient solution and uses a pump to feed the plants with nutrients. Once the solution reaches a certain level, the solution is drained so that the roots can absorb oxygen.

#4 Active recovery system

Nutrient film technology is also a hydroponic system with active recovery. This system has a submersible pump with plant roots hanging in the growth tubes. These tubes must be located at the correct height so that the nutrient solution can be recycled over the roots of the plants. Then the solution returns to the tank. Plants are supplied with oxygen by air stones. Although this type of system is very successful, it can be difficult to build.

#5 Water Culture Systems

The water culture system was the first hydroponic system developed. The reservoir contains a nutrient solution. A platform with planters floats on this tank. The roots of the plants in these planters are flooded with nutrient solution. Other parts of the plant are held in place by a seeder. Gardeners must remember that this system requires a lot of water.