How to properly choose the best bowfishing arrow rest?

By keeping your arrow in the steadily in position, the best bowfishing rest can helps you enhace your overall performance and accuracy. Specifically if you are newbie and do not have much experience, using the rest also hone your skills a lot quicker and find it easier to bowfish. If you are thicking about getting a bowfishing arrow rest, this article will give you some factors and our tips that you should consider when choosing a bowfishing rest.

#1 Left handed and right handle

When choosing bowfishing arrow rest consider that you shoot left or right-handed. Ensure that the rest that you choose have to works on the side of your bow you need it to. Luckily, almost bowfishing arrow rests are sold these days are designed to serve 2 sides and bolt onto either side of the bow you see fit.

#2 Material

There are many different types of bowfishing arrow rest materials available, from heap plastic, to sturdy composites, to hefty stainless-steel aluminum. The material is very important than will determine how much friction it is when drawing, how durable it is and also how smooth the shots are. You won’t want to go with something would damage after a few times using. Stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic are some of the most common materials of rest. Stainless steel and aluminum are better in terms of durability but also costly as well.

#3 Styles

Basically, the arrow rest that you will find have the same design with two short walls to keep the arrow in place, or an encapsulating wall that you put the arrow inside and gives extra support to prevent it from falling off. There are 2 types of bowfishing arrow rest available are whisker biscuit and hook rests. The whisker biscuit has the whickers that cover around the arrow, make it straight at every shot. A v-notch on top makes loading and aiming quick and easy. The hook rests include the hook that allow you to put the arrow on top of the hook. Some rests are designed with spring-loaded doors fully cover the arrow for extra stability.

#4 The arrows you used

The bowfishing arrows are heavier than most other hunting arrows. The weight makes it stable enough to go through water and catch the fish. But the arrow’s weight needed to support bowfishing also require the durable arrow rest for put on and effectively hold them in place.

What are the parts of a bowfishing arrow?

Bowfishing is an activity that will require precision, accuracy, and also the best fishing arrows. However, there is no type of bowfishing can do great for all the requirements. If you want to choose the best bowfishing arrow that are perfect for your specific needs, the first things you have do is get yourself acquainted with the different parts of an arrow. Generally speaking, there are two parts that create an arrow, shaft and point.

#1 Shaft

The backbone of any arrow is the shaft. It is also the first thing you have to notice about a bowfishing arrow because an arrow for fishing needs to be heavy enough, strong and penetrate deep into its target. The material of the shaft is also important, the material that make up the arrow should be superior durable for taking hard hits, and the arrow must have great penetration to punch the fish even it have to comes through the tough scales fish. There are 3 common types of arrow materials that are fiberglass, carbon, and a hybrid combination of the two. If you are an average bowfisher, we recommend that you shoul use premium quality fiberglass arrow since it is affordable, and strong enough without crack, wear, or rush.

#2 Bowfishing Points

General speaking, points is the top portion of your arrow that hits and penetrates your target. which directly pierces the fish upon making contact. The choosing of the points must depends on fish that you intend to catch. You should spend the time to differentiate the options and choose the best bowfishing arrow tip. For example, a broad head tip arrow should be use if you want to catch the large fish such as big carp on rivers/creeks. It is because the bedhead tip has two to four blades on the end that offer you a high penetration power. On the other hand, if you want to catch the small fish on a calm lake, a smaller arrow will be enough. The field tip is thin and pointy of it allow you easier to catch the fish and also greatest for practicing. You also should go with the point that is replaceable to ensure maximum performance. This factor will become important especially if you bow fish in rocky areas. It also convenient since your shaft can be multipurpose as you can use it in various situations. All that you need to do is to replace the tip.