Comparing Product Prices and Shipping of Seed Banks

#1 Crop King Seeds

Established in 2005, Crop King Seed has significantly evolved from a single employee company that ships from one apartment to a full scale cannabis seed bank, that caters over 300 stores in Canada. Currently, the company has been consistently growing with about 40 cannabis strains accessible in their product line up. Moreover, the company plans to further improve their line up by adding more cannabis strains in the coming days.

#1 Product Prices

5 Seeds Pack – $75.00

10 Seeds Pack – $130.00

25 Seeds Pack – $250.00

#2 Shipping Process

Crop Seed King charges $10 for the regular shipping across Canada. All countries aside from New Zealand and Australia are charged $30.00 for shipping. As for their express shipping, they charge $30.00 to $60.00. Usually, the shipping would take 1-3 weeks after the customers place their orders.

#2 Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)

Established since 2013, Quebec Cannabis Seeds or also known as QCS provides cannabis strains that can survive harsh climates. They supply quality cannabis seeds in Canada and across the globe, in various types such as feminized, auto-flowering, CBD, and regular marijuana seeds. Quebec Cannabis Seeds provides solution to all your cannabis seed needs–may it be for commercial or private use.

#1 Product Prices:

Blueberry Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $48.00

Skunk No. 1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $48.00

Quebec LSD Feminized Cannabis Seeds (5 seeds per pack) – $55.00

AK 47 Fast Version Feminized Cannabis Seeds (5 seeds per pack) – $59.00

Summer Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack (8 seeds per pack) – $75.00

#2 Shipping Process:

Quebec Cannabis Seeds charge their customers with a $10 shipping fee for all regular shipping orders. Additional fees may occur for special shipping options. Depending on your city, the shipping time would usually take 5-7 days if within Canada. International shipping may take 2-3 weeks.

#3 Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been in the cannabis industry for over five years by now. The company is dedicated to cater all the customers cannabis needs through their high-quality and best cannabis seed strain offerings. They carefully select their strains and make sure that they are staying consistent with CBD and THC levels of cannabis seed for the customers private or commercial use.

#1 Product Prices

Sweet Tooth Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $48.00

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $50.00

Skunk No. 1 Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $52.00

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Feminized Seeds (5 seeds per pack) – $52.00

Cheese Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $55.00

Quebec Gold 2.0 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (5 seeds per pack) – $60.00

#2 Shipping Process

Montreal Cannabis Seeds charge a $10.00 shipping fee for their customers, and the shipping time would usually take 2-7 business days in Canada. For remote areas, the shipping time may take up to 7 days.

#4 True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is a cannabis seed supplier with a vast collection of the world’s finest medical cannabis seeds readily available for sale. The company assures that their seeds are 100% strong and feminized that are easy to use just like the old-school cannabis.

#1 Product Prices

Acapulco Gold feminized Seeds (3 seeds per pack) – $33.46

Auto AK74 Feminized Seeds (4 seeds per pack) – $34.98

Auto Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds (5 seeds per pack) – $52.05

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds (6 seeds per pack) – $105.19

#2 Shipping Process:

True North Seed Bank offers a flat shipping price and a free shipping fee for orders that exceed $420 in Canada and United States. The order is expected to arrive within 5-14 business days. For international shipping, they charge $70 and would usually take 25 business days.

What is the Best Fertilizer for Hydroponics?


Farming is all a fun idea until you find out that there are things you don’t know that surrounds this niche. However, with technology today, everything is simplified, and solutions are readily available.

Hydroponic fertilizer contains nutrients of that soil can provide to the hydroponic plants. However, when it comes to the best fertilizer for hydroponics, the farmer’s desires and specific needs are most considered. However, in this article, I will list the best fertilizers for hydroponics, and at the end of the article, I will give a guide on how to choose the hydroponic fertilizer.

List Of Best And High Rated Fertilizer And Nutrients For Hydroponics

#1 General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer

This fertilizer contains the best source of hydroponic nutrients. They include three hydroponic formulas that is the floramicro, floragrow and florabloom. Each of the plants contains different nutrient need; therefore, general hydroponics have various nutrients which sustains and facilitates the plant growth in its growing cycle.

For example, the floramicro contains nutrients which are essential for the foundation and first stage of the plant since they come with minerals, nitrogen and calcium. Then as the plant achieves the vegetable level, floragrow avails enough potassium and nitrogen nutrients that facilitate better plant growth. Eventually, florabloom boost your plant with magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorous nutrients which are vital for the flower and fruit development stages.

#2 Masterblend 4-18-38 Complete Combo Kit Fertilizer

Masterblend hydroponic fertilizer comes with loads of substantial nutrients best option for your hydroponics. This fertilizer contains three diverse components which come with necessary nutrients for your plant such as copper, phosphate, iron, magnesium and nitrogen. They give you a bag which contains additional nitrogen and calcium needed. And an extra additional bag of Epsom salt comprising of sulfur, magnesium and sulfate crucial for the stage of flower and fruit development.

Generally, they have instructions laid down for you in each bag they give you, therefore, enabling you to balance components equally.

#3 Aerogarden Liquid Nutrients

Aerogarden is a series by Miracle-Gro of home hydroponic systems which comes liquid form. However, in the bottle of aerogarden, each nutrient that your hydroponic plant need is present. Therefore this is an easy choice for starters because it’s easy to use.

The fertilizer is manufactured in a way that it will get effective for your plant throughout the growing cycle. Aerogarden can also get used on plants which are growing in the soil.

Tips On Buying Hydroponic Nutrients

#1 Number of components

Identify your goal for buying the hydroponic nutrients, therefore, choose the best if you want a multi-part system or a one-part system formula. Therefore consider your needs and knowledge of your specific plants.

#2 Solid or liquid

Go for the form that you consider is favorable for you. Generally while mixing components liquid fertilizers are easier and sometimes cheaper. On the other hand, the solid fertilizers can easily get purchased in bulk, easier to ship and easier to store.

#3 Take time and learn about the nutrients and needs of your plants.

Everything including component and nutrient available in the hydroponic fertilizer you want to purchase is essential for the growth of your hydroponics; therefore, be keen and do your homework.


The article above entails best hydroponic fertilizers which contain the best nutrients for the growth of your hydroponics. Growing with general hydroponic fertilizers enhances great yields and throughout the stages of the plant there will be no encounters of diseases because the nutrients of the general hydroponic fertilizer gives your plants stability and strength.