Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is naturally a very absorbent material, and exposure to water can swell, deform, twist and mold it. A steam cleaner by its very nature uses steam heated water to clean and disinfect the surface of a floor or carpet. This steam can penetrate cracks and crevices to kill germs and bacteria, but when used on a hardwood floor, moisture can remain in cracks and crevices, causing problems for the future. You will find below a list of the best mops for hardwood floors.

#1 O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar is perfect for your wood floors, with a padded microfiber pad and a special triangular mop head. It also has an accessory for cleaning carpets. It is best for its robust build quality, long warranty and versatility. It is lightweight and very easy to use. Better yet, it’s one of the cheapest in its class! Click here to buy the best pressure washer for less than $100.

#2 Bissell PowerFresh

This steam mop is also one of Amazon’s best-selling steam mops. This is because it is inexpensive, versatile and intelligently designed. The mop pad is very practical, with its full fit and expandable attachment.

#3 Shark Professional Steam Mop

The Shark Professional Handheld Steam Mop comes with a very large mop head, a large boiler tank, two double sided mop pads and many smart features. It will cover all your basic needs by mopping without breaking the bank.

#4 Steamboy reliable

The Reliable Steamboy 300Cu is a favorite steam mop on the market right now for many buyers. It does a great job on all types of flooring, but it is especially good for hardwoods! It’s very dry and “dry” steam leaves very little moisture and avoids traces during cleaning. Continue reading here to see the top 8 best mops for hardwood floors. Although the Reliable is a little less popular than the highly commercial Bissell or Shark, it is undoubtedly more powerful. It is recommended to anyone who wishes to benefit from the highest quality option. Which steam mop is made for you and your wood floors? Having both hardwood floor and tiling or linoleum? the Bissell PowerFresh is certainly the most versatile of recommendations, apart from the more expensive Reliable Steamboy. PowerFresh Easy Scrubbing Brush can penetrate tile grout to clean your bathroom. O-Cedar and Shark have cloth mop heads, which can handle tile grout, but they are not ideal for that. The shark gives you a little of both in a package. It features the Bissell Mop Head and O-Cedar, as well as the cleaning ability of O-Cedar carpets. It gives you two mop heads, the equivalent of 4 cloths, and a sturdy mop handle for a reasonable price. Nevertheless, it cannot compete with the Reliable for the quality of its power or the quality of its manufacture. Although all of the models recommended here is an excellent choice for your home, overall, Bissell PowerFresh will still be recommended as the best stain mop for hardwood floors.

A review for deep cycle batteries

There are quite a few deep cycle batteries and opinions about what would be the right fit for this. On the water a good battery is very important. That is why it would be useful to check your battery before going into the water, or buy a good deep cycle battery. When exercising watersport there are different power applications thinkable. Some boats have a starter battery and next to this two more batteries. This is called a house hold battery. The disadvantage of three separate batteries is that they are not used all at full capacity and also not at the same time. The started battery only gets started, a good boat battery will supply just the right amount of electricity to the boat. For convenience we made an overview of batteries that are maintenance free:

Deep cycle or semi traction batteries

A separate starting battery can be used for an oversupply of electricity and is the solution; a light starting battery. Next to a starting battery you should always have a main battery, a deep cycle battery is a good solution for this. This battery is powerful enough, and it should give enough power to not attach a third battery for your watersport. A deep cycle battery will result in hours of electricity for any electoral equipment you are using. Moreover, this battery is extremely sufficient if you want to use an inverter to make sure you have electricity on the go!

Tips for maintenance

Some tips for your deep cycle battery and to keep it in excellent condition. This will not only keep it in good shape but guarantees the lifespan of 10+ years. - Make sure you charge the battery at least ones per 3 months. - At the end of every season make sure it is fully loaded at least 2 times. - The pools should be make fluid with some vaseline for example. This will prevent oxidation.

What are the best commercial electric fillet knife?

Filleting fish is not that an easy task this is why the fillet knife is essential tool in every kitchen. Filleting can take you lots of time and even mess up your house. So, if you have to fillet regularly, there is a way that you can spend less time cleaning and less effort is using the best commercial electric fillet knife. You can check the article about commercial electric fillet knife here. Best electric fillet knife is not only speed up the process but also help you prepare four foods properly for quality and presentation. Electric fillet knife will help you separate the fish bone from meat and skin and make the precise cut in just a matter of minutes without strain on your wrists.  

#1 Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

There are many reasons that makes me place this electric fillet knife at top 1 on my list. Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is also one of the best seller knife on many online markets. This powerful knife will help you quickly fillet fish so it retains the freshness as much as possible. This knife available in some different blades size, what makes it suitable for any fish from medium to large size such as perch, pike, crappie, catfish, etc. This knife provides with two lithium-Ion batteries, due to that you can rest your mind that it will take for very long time until run out of power. It does not require you to switch batteries very often as these batteries will offer the longest run time than any electric fillet knife on the market. Not only that, you will know when you need to switch the batteries due to the LED battery life indicator that show in each battery. The blade is made from carbon stainless steel blades and treated with titanium nitride finish for corrosion resistant. It also features a durable dual-rivet, which help you cut easier. This kit comes with some interchangeable blades. They are 7-inch and 9-inch E-Flex and 9-inch and 12-inch E-Stiff. The knife features Bubba’s iconic red, no-slip grip handle, which is designed with an ergonomic trigger, it also has the ventilation system that prevent the knife heat up during the long time use.

#2 American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

I highly appreciate this American Angler PRO Professional Grade as it can be considered as one of the best quality electric fillet knives in the market. It is not only offers the good quality that can last for years but also has the reasonably priced. The comfy handle is designed with solid airflow to keep the handle always cool and maximizes motor powe even after you use it for continuous hours. It is not easy to get the other quality electric fillet knife with this price as it features special motor fillets, which allow you to slices the meat with twice time faster than other knives. It also worth your money due to the has component superior drive train. This component ensures the durability of the knife, it can last for 4 times longer than any other. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife features a curved blade of 8 that can be easily replaceable with the 8-inch curved replacement shark blade. There are two versions for you to choose from are stainless steel and titanium.

#3 Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala heavy-duty electric fillet knife is also one of my favorite as it provides excellent performan. As the name suggested, the most specific of this knife is that it is designed with a heavy duty motor, due to that it allows you to easily slice all type of the meats. Although this electric fillet knife is not expensive but it is made up of the finest and durable material. The fact that, this is the a very budget friendly price that everyone can get, but you will receive best value for this price. The innovative handle can help reduce vibration from the motor. I do not really like the wire electric knife as you have to use it near the outlet, but the 8 inches wire is quite enough for plenty of reach. This knife also provides replaceable blade. The heavy duty blade will ensure the extremely sharpness for very long.
Commercial vs. Home-Use Meat Slicers: Which is better for you?

Commercial vs. Home-Use Meat Slicers: Which is better for you?

It is obvious that a meat slicer has many advantages, the best meat slicer not only help you saves your time and energy, it also helps the food look more presentable in appearance. But not everyone knows quite how to go about getting the most suitable meat slicer for their family. My family have 8 members and I have to use my meal slicer for quite frequently to cut a big amount of meat and veggies every day. So, I was in two minds between getting a commercial or a home-use meat slicer.

#1 Home-use meat slicers

This is typically the most basic and simplest version of meat slicer. The motor of it is weaker than the commercial device. It cannot be used to slice other things except meat. With time, the motor weakens and even on a daily basis it can be used for a specific maximum time. But some more expensive versons are more than enough to slice meat every day with a small amount.

#2 commercial meat slicer

They perform non-stop for years without a problem. They offer better slicing abilities and stronger motor. They are won’t heat up soon and can be used to slice other things too apart from meat.

#3 Commercial vs. home-use meat slicers

The biggest difference between commercial and home-use slicers is that commercial meat slicer has the capacity to slice and work continuously without incident for longer time. For all the cases, commercial slicers a designed for more regular, heavy-duty use, while home slicers will typically have a more light-duty function in mind. If you just need a meal slicer for everyday use a meat slicer that is sold for the home is going to be more than. You can even use it for a business if you have a small deli. The face that it much cheaper. On the other hands, you also could very well find a reasonably priced commercial slicer that fits your home use needs.

#4 Can you cut frozen or raw meat with home-use meat slicers?

It is possible to cut frozen met with a slicer for home-use, but you should be careful as your blade will likely be damaged in the process. I do not recommend you to cut frozen meat unless absolutely necessary. If you have to slice frozen meat frequently, it is better to get the commercial device. You can cut raw meat with a homeuse meat slicer. But make sure that you will always thoroughly clean your slicer blade after cutting raw meat to prevent cross-contamination.

How to properly use and maintain the cheese slicer wirecutter?

If you are a cheese lover and you care about having uniform, aesthetically pleasing slices of cheese, then adding a best cheese slicer wirecutter to your arsenal of kitchen is absolutely essential. I used to try cutting my cheese with many kinds of knife and I know that it is very difficult to maintain uniform cuts and avoid the cheese is crumbed. If you have never had a cheese slicer before, but you know it would make the perfect addition to your kitchen, then don’t worry, this guide will show you some tips of using your cheese slicer wirecutter and how to properly maintain it.

 #1 My cheese slicing tips with wirecutter

Before you slice your cheese, take it out of refrigerator and wait until your cheese reaches room temperature to get the best result. Cut slowly and cut in a single fluid motion. There is no need to rush. If you are using the rolling cheese slicers, then the angle you hold it and the pressure you apply on the cheese will impact on the thickness of the slices. Different type of cheese should be cut in different way. For example, hard cheese should be cut lengthwise to form rectangular slices. Make rectangular cuts for triangular cheese. Cut the round cheese into quarter and in half. Always clean the cheese slicer after using or the next cheese you going to cut may get the bacteria. To ensure your safety, place the board on the surface and the cheese on a flat if you used hand-held slicer.

#2 How to slice a cheese perfectly with wirecutter?

A cheese slicer wirecutter is ideal to cut medium-hard or medium-soft cheeses. You just need to lift up on the handle of the slicer and press the cheese on the cut line of the broad. Press down on the handle to make the wire cut the cheese. Then pull back on the block of cheese to split the slice. You can easily make the slices as thick as you want. A normal slice is around 0.12 to 0.25 inches thick.

#3 How to clean and maintain the cheese slicer wirecutter?

In order to jeep the cheese slicer in a good condition for long year, you should clean the slicer every day with warm water and mid cleanser. Remember to never use a hard scrubber or a scratch pad for your slicer. Create the habit of clean and disinfect the slicer after every use. Spray on the disinfectant and air dry it. Replace the wire frequently as required; a sharp cutting edge cuts better.

What are the different types of beach carts for sea traveling?

You could not have a complete trip at the beach without the essential item such as beach chairs, umbrella, towels, snacks, beverages, and toys. Instead of carry yoour items in multiple bags, you have another optimal solution is using the best beach carts for sea traveling. It allows you to bring all your baggage and essentials at once time. There are a wide variety of beach carts for sand, on the market today. And the first thing you have to decide is the type of beach carts that best suit you as there are different purposes of each type.

#1 Beach trolley

A beach trolley cart is slowly becoming the more favoured option for many people nowadays, and it is all because of its ability to move through sand easily. They usually consist of a metal structure with two or four wheels. They also equip with either mesh or canvas baskets, which make them look like the grocery trolley. This type of beach carts is quite lightweight, their weigh capacity are about 34-40 pounds. Due to this, you can comfortable with pulling and lifting them. Beach trolley are suitable if you do not have too much items to carry. You can use it for holding smaller items, such as food and beverages, toys, sunscreen, etc.

#2 Beach cart

They can be considered as the most popular types. Beach carts usually consist of canvas baskets placed on heavier-duty metal frames. Beach carts often taller than the wagons with longer handles and typically a smaller footprint than the wagons. You can use Beach carts to carry heavy-duty items like large pieces of beach gear, tools, food, coolers as their weigh capacity is up to 150 pounds or over.

#3 Beach wagon

They are designed to have a wagon-like shape, similar to that of a children’s toy with for wheels. Wagon is designed to hold bulkier and heavier items on the beach. While both carts and wagons are designed for hauling the heavy-duty items that up to 150 pounds or over but wagons are more suitable for families with kids. Most beach wagons have big, rectangular cargo compartments, where you can use as the rest space for your kids. Some beach wagons even come with seats and seat belts. However, the drawback is that most wagon not comprising the ability of collapsible into a smaller item.

What safety features do you need in jump box for diesels?

Being an inexperienced car enthusiast, you may not know how to properly use the jump box. And what happens when car batteries are connected wrong? There is a big chance that you are electrocuted. You may get painful electric jolts as well as a result of ill protection. This is why you should get the best jump box for diesels with all-around protection which will shield you from such instances. It is also important to consider the safety features of your chosen jump box power pack.

#1 Short circuit protection

This is the most important safety features you should look for when choosing the jump box. Short circuit is not simple cause serious damage to the jump box, but it also makes the potential explosion of the battery bank is possible. It can be occurred if the jump leads are touched together, which lead to a very high current passing between the positive and negative terminals. Luckily, most of the jump boxs available out there are come with short circuit protection as a minimum. Just a few of them that don’t. So, make sure that the jump box you plant to buy includes this features before purchasing.

#2 Over-current protection

The over-current protection will make the work of limit the current the jump starter will deliver to its peak rated current preventing damage to the device.

#3 Over-voltage protection

Over-voltage protection can happen during a mains power surge. It will prevent too high voltage from being provided to the jump box when it is charged. This feature will prevent too high a voltage from being applied to the unit when charging. For example, over-voltage protection will just allow the jump box is charged to reach 95% capacity, and then battery could not be charged that to prevent over-charging.

#4 Over-load Protection

If you use the current higher than the manufacturer’s specification for the jump box when charging, it can lead to over-load. This may happen when mains power feeding the jump starter’s charger become higher suddenly.

#5 Overcharge protection

If the batteries are full when charging, the charging circuits on more basic jump box will not automatically stop, overcharge can destroy the battery pack. This is why you need overcharge protection feature to “float” charge the jump box if it is full and won’t keep increasing the voltage applied to the cells.

How to properly choose the best bowfishing arrow rest?

By keeping your arrow in the steadily in position, the best bowfishing rest can helps you enhace your overall performance and accuracy. Specifically if you are newbie and do not have much experience, using the rest also hone your skills a lot quicker and find it easier to bowfish. If you are thicking about getting a bowfishing arrow rest, this article will give you some factors and our tips that you should consider when choosing a bowfishing rest.

#1 Left handed and right handle

When choosing bowfishing arrow rest consider that you shoot left or right-handed. Ensure that the rest that you choose have to works on the side of your bow you need it to. Luckily, almost bowfishing arrow rests are sold these days are designed to serve 2 sides and bolt onto either side of the bow you see fit.

#2 Material

There are many different types of bowfishing arrow rest materials available, from heap plastic, to sturdy composites, to hefty stainless-steel aluminum. The material is very important than will determine how much friction it is when drawing, how durable it is and also how smooth the shots are. You won’t want to go with something would damage after a few times using. Stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic are some of the most common materials of rest. Stainless steel and aluminum are better in terms of durability but also costly as well.

#3 Styles

Basically, the arrow rest that you will find have the same design with two short walls to keep the arrow in place, or an encapsulating wall that you put the arrow inside and gives extra support to prevent it from falling off. There are 2 types of bowfishing arrow rest available are whisker biscuit and hook rests. The whisker biscuit has the whickers that cover around the arrow, make it straight at every shot. A v-notch on top makes loading and aiming quick and easy. The hook rests include the hook that allow you to put the arrow on top of the hook. Some rests are designed with spring-loaded doors fully cover the arrow for extra stability.

#4 The arrows you used

The bowfishing arrows are heavier than most other hunting arrows. The weight makes it stable enough to go through water and catch the fish. But the arrow’s weight needed to support bowfishing also require the durable arrow rest for put on and effectively hold them in place.

What are the parts of a bowfishing arrow?

Bowfishing is an activity that will require precision, accuracy, and also the best fishing arrows. However, there is no type of bowfishing can do great for all the requirements. If you want to choose the best bowfishing arrow that are perfect for your specific needs, the first things you have do is get yourself acquainted with the different parts of an arrow. Generally speaking, there are two parts that create an arrow, shaft and point.

#1 Shaft

The backbone of any arrow is the shaft. It is also the first thing you have to notice about a bowfishing arrow because an arrow for fishing needs to be heavy enough, strong and penetrate deep into its target. The material of the shaft is also important, the material that make up the arrow should be superior durable for taking hard hits, and the arrow must have great penetration to punch the fish even it have to comes through the tough scales fish. There are 3 common types of arrow materials that are fiberglass, carbon, and a hybrid combination of the two. If you are an average bowfisher, we recommend that you shoul use premium quality fiberglass arrow since it is affordable, and strong enough without crack, wear, or rush.

#2 Bowfishing Points

General speaking, points is the top portion of your arrow that hits and penetrates your target. which directly pierces the fish upon making contact. The choosing of the points must depends on fish that you intend to catch. You should spend the time to differentiate the options and choose the best bowfishing arrow tip. For example, a broad head tip arrow should be use if you want to catch the large fish such as big carp on rivers/creeks. It is because the bedhead tip has two to four blades on the end that offer you a high penetration power. On the other hand, if you want to catch the small fish on a calm lake, a smaller arrow will be enough. The field tip is thin and pointy of it allow you easier to catch the fish and also greatest for practicing. You also should go with the point that is replaceable to ensure maximum performance. This factor will become important especially if you bow fish in rocky areas. It also convenient since your shaft can be multipurpose as you can use it in various situations. All that you need to do is to replace the tip.

What you should know about the best hand hammered carbon steel wok?

Original from China, hand hammered carbon steel wok is common cookware for every cooking enthusiast. Carbon steel wok using high-quality material is the perfect choice for making Asian food with good taste. There are many benefits of hand hammered carbon steel wok that makes it a popular kitchen utensil all over the world. With one wok you can boil, steaming, roasting nuts, making soup, poaching, etc. Carbon steel woks are known as lightweight, durable and good at heat conduction. Reasons why you should buy the best hand hammered carbon steel wok:

#1 Safety

There are a lot of material are used to produce a wok. Most of them will release toxins substances that harm your health after they are overheated. But carbon steel is non-stick and never emit any dangerous toxins after cooking at high temperatures.

#2 Lightweight

The carbon material is much lighter when compares with other materials like cast iron, stainless steel.

#3 Hand-hammered

The texture that results from the hand hammering process makes it good at heat conduction. All the bottom of the wok can heat more quickly and evenly. This can help you prepare your food faster while saving energy.

#4 Durable

The important parts that make hand hammered carbon steel wok stand out from other pans is their ability of durable. Hand hammered carbon steel wok is made to be against chips and cracks. However, you should still use it often and take care of it in the right way, or it may rust affecting its durability.

#5 Budget

If you are limited at money, using a carbon steel wok is a good idea for you. It is affordable and very common in every marketplace. If you take time to find, you will get a wok with high quality and meager price.